10 WWE Stars With Road Rage (And 10 That Drive Like Softies)

These are ten WWE stars that have shown signs of road rage along with another ten that drive like total softies.

WWE wrestlers have different driving styles like just about any other profession out there. Many wrestlers will have reputations for road rage given the situations to follow them. Incidents ranging from things like speeding, cutting off others, cursing out other drivers or getting arrested for different reasons will showcase the wrestlers that have moments of road rage.

Others have the opposite personas for being total softies on the road. These are usually the wrestlers that drive with families or just have relaxed personalities. They don’t get easily upset or take part in dangerous moments on the road regardless of the situations that follow them.

We will look at both instances when it comes to wrestlers that have spent time in WWE. The stories and reputations have followed these wrestlers for many years. WWE has even referenced some of the moments of road rage on television if they became public knowledge. Meanwhile, the reality shows and various presentations of the real side of wrestling have shown us the wrestlers that drive with a gentler touch. Wrestlers have shown us enough moments that can categorize them one way or the other.

Some have tried to change their perception for the better. Time will tell if they are able to shake their reputations or provide a different side of the story to their category. Find out just how your favorite wrestler likes to drive. These are ten WWE stars that have shown signs of road rage along with another ten that drive like total softies.

20 Road rage: Jimmy Uso

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One recent instance of road rage for a WWE superstar features Jimmy Uso having a high-profile incident. Jimmy and his wife/fellow WWE star Naomi were pulled over in early 2019. The allegation was that Jimmy was driving under the influence.

A leak of the police report showed that Jimmy “squared up” and took his shirt off in anger in case a fight was necessary with the officer. This is not the first instance of Jimmy getting in trouble a driving-related incident. Jimmy was taken in for trying to get away with driving in the wrong direction. He is clearly not the tamest driver in the locker room.

19 Softie: Kevin Owens

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Kevin Owens is one of the most intense wrestlers on the WWE roster. However, he is quite modest outside of the ring with a tremendous reputation as a family man. Owens has been driving as part of the job since his time on the independent circuit traveling all over Canada for the shows in the area.

The project of his own weekly vlog called The Weekend Escapades would feature Kevin showing his trip each weekend before signing with WWE. Many clips showed him driving along with his desire to drive as safely as possible. The usual occasions of Owens driving with his wife and children make him a safe driver.

18 Road rage: Natalya

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Natalya is viewed as one of the timid wrestlers in the locker room today. However, the reality television show Total Divas looks at the everyday life of the wrestlers. Natalya has been involved in a few dramatic moments on the show.

Summer Rae was one of the rivals of Natalya in the early seasons of Total Divas. One memorable moment featured the two getting in an argument while driving between shows. Natalya pulled over the car, grabbed Summer by the hair and kicked her out of the car. Rosa Mendes eventually made peace between the two, but Natalya certainly showed road rage on this evening.

17 Softie: Kofi Kingston

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Many of the softer drivers in the WWE world are family men that believe strongly in the safest driving possible. Kofi Kingston did show road rage in the video game world on Xavier Woods’ channel Up Up Down Down. The show has featured Kingston playing many games, including a few with the driving element.

Kingston revealed that he will drive wild in the video games for the fantasy, but he is the meekest driver possible on the road. Don’t expect to see Kofi speeding or cursing anyone out given his calm demeanor. KofiMania is something that happens in the ring but is not extending to his driving style.

16 Road rage: Kurt Angle

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Kurt Angle had a few bad moments in his life on the road during his time in Impact Wrestling. The WWE legend was having a tough time during his first few years wrestling for another promotion along with his personal issues piling up.

Angle would get taken in on a few occasions for speeding and driving under the influence. Officers dealt with the issue of Angle being disorderly before finally going into the station. Angle has overcome a lot of his personal issues and found his way back to WWE. Hopefully, his driving is a lot less dangerous these days given the positive changes.

15 Softie: Mick Foley

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The legendary Mick Foley is one of the wrestlers that will first come to mind when thinking of the word softie. Foley was an intimidating presence during his Mankind character, but he was the kindest person backstage. The driving style of Foley follows his wrestling reputation in many ways.

Foley often drove the cheapest cars available from the weekly rentals to his personal minivan. The modest personality of Foley extends to him driving without many angry moments. Foley is not the wrestler that will get taken in for a ridiculous reason or get into an argument with another driver on the road.

14 Road rage: Jack Swagger

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Former WWE star Jack Swagger is now trying his luck in Mixed Martial Arts after signing with Bellator. The past of Swagger featured a strong WWE run with the peak of winning the World Championship after using the Money in the Bank briefcase title shot to defeat Chris Jericho.

WWE believed in Swagger despite a few controversial moments behind the scenes. One standout incident featured Swagger getting arrested for speeding and driving under the influence. This happened just weeks before his major WrestleMania 29 match against Alberto Del Rio for the World Championship. Swagger’s road rage moment did not remove him from the match, but his push ended shortly after the loss.

13 Softie: Charlotte Flair

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Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch are bitter rivals on WWE television, but the two have been close friends behind the scenes for many years. The two spent a lot of time together traveling as road buddies. Both ladies would go from city to city in rental cars as part of the road schedule.

An interview with the two in 2018 featured them revealing that Charlotte was the better driver of the two. Becky struggled with the differences of driving in a relatively new country. Charlotte was the safer driver of the two. Unlike her father, Charlotte does not appear like she will ever have any road rage incidents.

12 Road rage: Jeff Hardy

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The life of Jeff Hardy has seen many ups and downs. Hardy truly is a superstar with the fans connecting with him at different points in his WWE run. However, the low moments would feature some sadness. One time specifically featured Hardy getting pulled over for speeding and getting arrested for having illegal substances in his car.

There was also an injury suffered when Hardy was riding his dirt bike and getting out of control. Hardy would miss a few months from the ring thanks to riding his bike with too much aggression and intensity. The desire of Hardy to go all in on everything he does has led to road rage in former public moments.

11 Softie: Mustafa Ali

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The recent call-up of Mustafa Ali from 205 Live to Smackdown has allowed him to find a bigger spotlight. Ali is an underdog face character which is inspired by some of his real-life moments. Daniel Bryan called him out in a promo for owning an SUV.

The car is known for safe driving as Ali drives his family around. Ali’s former job as a police officer also instilled in him the desire to avoid breaking any laws on the road. The in-ring work of Ali is quite risky with the top rope moves, but his driving style tends to value safety more.

10 Road rage: Randy Orton

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The reputation of Randy Orton features rage in and out of the ring. Orton has been known to fly off the handle with his peers leading to backstage issues. The past of Orton would feature him driving motorcycles and making bold decisions that could be considered road rage.

Orton suffered a collarbone injury that kept him out of action for months when getting in an accident on the road. The decision to try to make a sharp turn in front of another car led to the collision that took him to the hospital. Orton hopefully takes it easier on the road in his older age.

9 Softie: Triple H

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Triple H does not drive as much anymore today in his role as an executive. Most visuals of him in a car will see a personal driver getting him to a big meeting or to the arena for a show. Triple H, however, was one of the safest drivers in WWE during the '90s.

Kevin Nash revealed in various WWE documentaries that Triple H was the one sober member of the Kliq. Shawn Michaels, X-Pac, Scott Hall, and Nash would be in no position to drive after a night of partying. Triple H would safely get them to the next town to ensure everyone was there with enough time to spare before the show later in the night.

8 Road rage: Kaitlyn

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Former WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn has a history with speeding that would get her taken in. The incident took place when she was pulled over for speeding in between driving on the WWE schedule. Not only was she in question for speeding there, but she had an unpaid speeding ticket in the past on her record.

This was the reason for the arrest as she luckily made bail shortly after. One speeding ticket is bad enough, but the idea of speeding and getting caught having another speeding ticket on the record is tough. The road rage leading to speeding puts Kaitlyn on the rebellious side of the list.

7 Softie: The Miz

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The Miz is one WWE wrestler with no negatives on his reputation. An ability to have a spotless record can lead to good things coming for a wrestler. Miz’s 2010 WWE Championship win was a product of his improvement and representing the company well for a long time.

WWE Network’s Ride Along featured Miz and Maryse discussing that Miz was the better and safer driver of the two. Miz also used to do most of the driving when teaming and traveling with former tag team partner John Morrison. Don’t expect Miz to do anything wild on the road with his current reputation spotless.

6 Road rage: Santino

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Former WWE star Santino was known for being one of the top comedic wrestlers of all time. The comedy of Santino made him a star in the ring, but his driving style was anything but lighthearted at the time. Santino would get in trouble for driving recklessly in between WWE shows.

A charge of driving under the influence would add even more to his record. Santino issued a public apology on social media following the arrest and has hopefully changed his way. Not many fans would expect the wrestler using a sock puppet in the ring to be a reckless and dangerous driver after a show.

5 Softie: CM Punk

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CM Punk’s straight edge lifestyle lead to him becoming the designated driver for many wrestling trips. Samoa Joe and Punk took part in an interesting interview series that shared stories from behind the scenes. Punk often would get saddled with the driving as the only sober person, but he was also the best driver of the crew.

The story would play out that Punk sometimes tried to intentionally drive poorly to get out of the role, but even his bad driving was still better than most. Punk has started riding his bike to replace driving in his current Chicago life. However, he is likely still a good driver on the road.

4 Road rage: Lita

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WWE Hall of Famer Lita will always be remembered for her great contributions to the women’s division. Lita delivered moves and matches that were unlike anyone during the late '90s and early 2000s. The driving style of Lita apparently matches the daredevil wrestling style she had.

Lita would get take in while in Georgia for speeding in excess of maximum limits. There was also the issue of driving with a suspended license. Lita did not care for speed limits at the time and paid for it. Luckily, she was able to make bail and put this in her past. Lita has yet to get in trouble for driving recklessly since the incident.

3 Softie: Daniel Bryan

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Daniel Bryan is one of the most soft-spoken wrestlers in the world today. Despite playing a loud heel character on television today, the lifestyle of Bryan is as modest as anyone else in the WWE world. The Honda Fit of Bryan and Brie Bella already makes it hard to show much road rage on the road.

Brie has revealed she does have moments of road rage if another driver cuts her off. Bryan however will always be the voice of reason and refuses to get any anger from driving. Bryan’s personality makes him one of the most peaceful softies imaginable on the road.

2 Road rage: Ric Flair

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WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair had the most public instance of a wrestler showcasing road rage. Flair would get in trouble for an incident in 2006. The moment of road rage featured Flair attacking another driver and kicking the car of this person as well.

This incident was parodied on WWE television when Edge dressed like Ric and attacked a driver by putting him in the figure-four leglock. Flair realized his mistake and allowed WWE to utilize it on television rather than getting nothing out of it. The fact that Flair attacked both the driver and the car showed that he truly did live up to the rage part of road rage.

1 Softie: John Cena

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John Cena has the best car collection of the current WWE superstars. A passion for cars would make fans think that Cena loves to drive them as fast as possible to get the full experience. However, Cena does not even drive most of his cars as he cares about the collection.

The driving style of Cena is safe as can be as he often says in interviews that he does not break any laws or go overboard with his driving. Cena also has a relatively relaxed personality that sees him rarely get upset in general. Road rage is not something you’ll see from Cena if you can see him at all.

References: WWE, Bleacher Report, TMZ

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