You Could Actually Get Into This Fully-Working Life-Sized Lego Bugatti Chiron (And Drive It)

You can really drive the Lego Bugatti Chiron.

What a time to be alive, right? We live in an era where technological advances have done quite a lot to make life easier, but there's no substitute for patience and meticulousness.

One would have to be pretty patient to go through the painstaking process of building a car from Legos. It has been done, though, and it's not a car you could pick up. In fact, it could pick you up.

Lego Technic's life-size Bugatti Chiron garnered the gasps when it was unveiled last summer. And it would even make its way to the Paris Auto show in October, joining the real Bugatti Chiron the following month when it was presented at the Zeithaus Museum in Wolfsburg, Germany.


The car is continuing its world tour and will be available for viewing at the Canadian Auto show, which started on Friday, February 15 and carries on till Feb 24.

The plastic brick model has been drawing attention from everywhere and the folks from TheStraightPipes YouTube channel made sure to get intimate, producing a detailed video that exhibits how great this car actually is.

Of course, with just 5.3 horsepower and 68 pound-feet of torque, it's going nowhere fast. But the important thing is it's able to go.

The Lego Bugatti is strapped with a remarkable kit. The assembly of 2,304 motors from the Lego Power Series powers the car and 4,032 Technic gear wheels make it mobile.

Unsurprisingly, this car consists of more than one million Lego Technic pieces. It weighs 3,307 pounds and reaches a top speed of 12 mp/h (very slow, but also very impressive).

Even more amazingly, the doors also work - although it takes a bit of prepping to get them to do so - and there's even a retractable rear wing.

Not everything is made out of Legos, though. The wheels and tires are real, and so are the seatbelts. But you have to admit that this Bugatti is a fantastic bit of work.

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